Where I come from things like fashion,music and art are not considered as anything special .Growing up ,I came to realize that as young people we have the power to change that biased perspective .After being duped a weirdo because of the way I dress I decided to take the initiative to host a pop up store in a playground . 

When she’s being a brat ….

There is no harm in a hint of color and a whole alot of flowers .I wanted the whole outlook to look fun and young .The models got to loosen up and have fun (this was literally their first professional shoot).

The Squad

 The main idea was to get young aspiring teens who believe in the idea of individuality and find freedom in expressing themselves through art .I had three days to get to know them, couch them whilst slowly molding them into models. At the end l had five models, that is three girls and two boys whom l personally styled into outfits that reflect their personalities as well as my theme.

Baeing it out

Trends come and go but what’s most fashionable is the ability to bring an outfit together .This mustard on mustard look was super fun as the model is so vibrant and full of life therefore I wanted to capture that .The young guy is an aspiring rapper hence the whole outfit had to be edgy with a hint of fun and flirty just to bring out his softer side.


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