Daddy Dearest

‘Dad its time you pass this to the next generation,’ I said as I continued folding his clothes .He had owned this jacket since his days in college and 20 years here I am in college .

I’m Chilling Bro !

Being a cool kid is so effortless I mean there is no going wrong with polarized  sunnies and a bright lippie by Rimmel London.

Buzz Cut mission

The art is being able to put the whole look together which means the hair ,makeup and accessories .I really loved this look because I paired it with a pair of mom jeans (70s style hellooo).

IMG_5715 (1).JPG
Whats good hommie

So daddy’s socks also came in handy I mean #KeepMixieOutOfYourCloset


Author: stylebymixie

Hey there! My name is Tafadzwa Michelle Sakarombe but everyone calls me Mixie .Born and bred in a small town called Rusape in Zimbabwe . A BA Law graduate at the University of Pretoria and in between the studying am launching my career in styling and modelling. My blog is a platform to show the world my styling skills as well as share my personal journey in the fashion industry. I believe my soul belongs to the 70s because am obsessed with all things vintage. I should say I thrift for a living (lol) with that said all items shown have been thrifted and range from as little as 25cents to $5 . Did I mention am also into reinventing items as well as DYI ..I think I have said alot so indulge and enjoy .

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