The path to self discovery

IMG_2395[1]I remember reading an article called “Life is a journey” when I was around 8 years old . Being that young , I never really understood that article but the words stayed in my mind till this very day .


Life is whirlwind that will uproot you if you are not strong . The process of self discovery is intense and cannot be taken so lightly . However, in-order to succeed on this path you ought to go beyond your daily routine ( removing bad influences in your life and taking a different route ).


It might seem so hard at first but with perseverance you overcome all your fears and you find yourself moving in the right path. You ought to have a mentor  who will help you build yourself from the ground up , you might find such guidance in a good book or in a person that you draw inspiration from .


Before you know it you are a new person ( an updated version of yourself )..with time you start to feel this positive energy flowing through your veins. People around you will also start to feel this great change in you .


Every great thing is born from something new hence use the time you have to create the best version of yourself.In the words of Walter Hagen ” You’re only here for a short visit , don’t worry , don’t hurry and be sure to smell the flowers along the way .”


The untold story of the Ashanti princess

IMG_2476[1]In a land far far away there lived a princess with big dreams and aspirations . Her dreams were bigger than life ,so she needed a protector to guide her through her journey.As she continued to pray the oracle answered her prayer and gave her two warriors to protector her .



The warrior of war would fight her battles and deliver her from any enemies. The war warrior ensure that all her life challenges would never consume her as he fought bravely against all evil.


The prince of light guided her path and ensured that she never stumbled upon any obstacles .Hence with both warrior at her aid the princess’ life purpose was fulfilled and she become invincible.


Golden Oldie

Finally got to catch a break between recovering from the holidays and getting settled in for my new chapter in life .Denim is so timeless and fun to play around with so yah here is to celebrating life and looking good while at it.Its never too serious ,its always about picking out what works for you , playing out your best assets and doing the Damn Thing !!!!



Yellow Mellow

One of the most asked questions is , ”Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?” Personally my inspiration is drawn mostly from my surroundings as well as the idea of staying true to myself . I am my biggest critic only because I am my biggest fan so I want to see myself grow .


Getting into this week I was inspired by this yellow bag that belonged to my mom (not sure if am going to return it to her ).The brightness just captivated me and I knew what I needed to do (recreation!!! ). I literally forgot to take the before pics of this bag but I will surely do so and update my post .


For this look I just wanted to bring out the idea of African-ism , I am African and  I am proud of my skin and natural hair #proudblackgirl

Switch up 

Okay so these pics I used some filters because I wanted the pop of color effect 🙂


Designs born out of solitude

Society tends to find solitude unappealing, even threatening but I beg to differ. Personally solitude helps me engage with the inner self and in those moments creativity takes control .

The Befores


I have had this shirt for over a year and I should say our relationship is still going strong.The moment I laid my eyes on this shirt at the  Social Market Pretoria I knew we were meant to be .The best news was being told it was only R10 (literally less than USD$1) and I instantly took it with me home .

The After

With the whole ‘New Year new me’ thing I figured why not put that to practice (at-least this is the only resolution am keeping this year ).I have had the most amazing moments with it so this year I have decided to reinvent it and continue our beautiful relationship.

Need a lift ?

Nothing gives any edgy look a boast than a lil open back ,it kind of gives that element of surprise #bringingsexyback (literally).

Lost Soul 
The boast 

Stylist Interview

In between my studies am also trying to establish my career as a model so am always hanging out with models and photographers .So the one time my photographer friend suggested I sign up at the agency that he works for .

Girl Power

I pounded on the idea for weeks considering the fact that am already signed by another agency .Then it hit me, why not join this new agency as their in-house stylist.

Enchanted Beauty

I instantly told him my idea and luckily he was shooting a swimwear portfolio for a newly signed model so I had to create looks for the model .

Black girl magic

I was super stocked and literally spend a whole day creating looks and drafting a vision board for the shoot .The agency is all about empowering the African woman hence I incorporated that but also keeping the looks modern and vibrant .

African Queen

Twisted Worksuit Girl

I’m all about creating trends cause come on am a non-conformer.So the other day I was chilling with my friend in his workshop when I spotted this baby .With a bit of paint stains I embraced her flaws and turned her into something beautiful.

IMG_5385 (1).JPG
We belong together

Who determines what should be worn in the streets anyway (I do atleast, for myself). I paired my worksuit with a belt I bought at Factorie ,the store has a bit of  vintage accessories and I always make sure I buy some.

Leg day

With my DYI stockings and all ready to conquer like a real military babe I decided to go out and play .

Geared to slay

I can never overemphasize on the power of accessories and what better combo to pair a military green suit with tan and hues of nude .